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Be Greeted http://www.begreeted.com Mon, 16 Nov 2009 20:36:09 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.8.6 en hourly 1 Live Chat for Businesses http://www.begreeted.com/blog/live-chat-for-businesses http://www.begreeted.com/blog/live-chat-for-businesses#comments Tue, 17 Mar 2009 08:35:35 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=276 There is no doubt that live chat works to capture business leads and increase sales. Executives from both consumer and BtoB businesses trumpet the success they’ve had implementing live chat to increase conversion rates on their lead generation campaigns.

One notable evangelist is IBM’s Sandy Carter who has embraced social media and brought IBM along for the ride.

About live chat she says:

“…IBM uses pre-determined “qualifications” to popup an online chat. In just the first 3 months of operation, IBM has seen over2,845 chats with new customers, resulting in 182 validated leads and is nowextending the online chat to Germany, China and Japan”

The “pre-determined qualifications” she mentions are what we refer to as business rules: setting dynamic messaging based on the context of the user’s visit. Look for an upcoming post about how to use business rules and automation to maximize chat lead capture results. Other well-known companies using chat for business leads are Dell, Cisco, Orvis, Golfsmith and Rackspace.

In fact, Joel Granoff, our CEO was an advisor to a recent MarketingProfs study which indicated 22% of all BtoB marketers are considering live chat for lead generation; another 15% already use chat to engage site visitors. Have you considered chat for your business yet?

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/live-chat-for-businesses/feed 24
Proactive Live Chat Keeps Visitors From Walking Away http://www.begreeted.com/blog/proactive-live-chat-keeps-visitors-from-walking-away http://www.begreeted.com/blog/proactive-live-chat-keeps-visitors-from-walking-away#comments Tue, 23 Dec 2008 08:28:55 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=266

Dave Evans, of Digital Voodoo, recently focused his ClickZ column on measurements and how they can be used to to tune campaigns.

Dave wrote the following about Be Greeted.

How do you save a potential customer who’s about to abandon ship? Conversion Sciences’ Brian Massey reminded me of Be Greeted, an application that facilitates chat with customers. His clients use BeGreeted to offer a chat with potential customers who’ve spent a longer-than-normal amount of time on a given page. Think of this as the digital equivalent of walking over to a customer and politely asking, “Can I help you?” Want to dig deeper? Take a look at a recent Conversion Rate Experts post on 14 free tools that can help you understand why potential customers abandon your site.

Dave went on to write about Be Greeted customer, Bazaarvoice.

One of my favorite add-on ratings platforms is Bazaarvoice’s Ratings and Reviews platform. Turnkey, comprehensive, and in widespread use across the top 100 online retailers, Ratings and Reviews is a great platform for many applications. Outside of turnkey platforms, there are rating-and-review modules available from Drupal, Joomla, and other frameworks that make it easy to build ratings and reviews into your commerce system. Whatever approach you take, providing on-the-spot, self-directed assurance to your customers that they are about to make a smart choice builds consumer confidence. That means not only superior conversion rates but also an enhanced likelihood that the conversations about the purchase will be favorable because your customer actually purchased the correct product given her specific needs. This social factor pays big dividends when you account for the impact of the social media within your overall marketing program.

We are happy to be in such good company … including our good friend and recent content marketing Webinar speaker, Brian Massey who prompted Dave to take a look at our service.

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/proactive-live-chat-keeps-visitors-from-walking-away/feed 7
66.5% of Marketers Will Increase Online Spending in 2009 http://www.begreeted.com/blog/66-5-of-marketers-will-increase-online-spending-in-2009 http://www.begreeted.com/blog/66-5-of-marketers-will-increase-online-spending-in-2009#comments Tue, 09 Dec 2008 17:43:59 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=273

BtoB Magazine’s survey of “2009 Marketing Priorities and Plans” was just released. Their survey of B2B marketing executives indicated 66.5% will increase online spending in the coming year.

MediaPost’s Online Media Daily also reported on several recent analyst forecasts, one from GroupM and the other ZenithOptimedia.

GroupM projects online’s share of total ad spending will rise to 13%, while ZenithOptimedia forecasts it will climb to 12.1% from 10.3% in 2008.”

Not surprisingly, 2009 marketing spend is being allocated to marketing tactics that are able to be measured against results.

“Internet advertising continues to grow rapidly as advertisers turn to it for its innovation and accountability, which is particularly important in a recession when every line of a budget must be justified,” ZenithOptimedia wrote in its report.

The BtoB survey asked marketers which online tactics they plan to spend more on in 2009.

  • Topping the list is e-mail marketing, cited by 68.3% of respondents, followed closely by Web site development (66.3%).
  • Other online platforms that will see significant budget increases next year are search (50.0%), online video (46.6%) and social media (46.6%).
  • B-to-b marketers also plan to increase spending on webcasts (42.9%), banners (30.6%) and sponsorships (25.7%).
  • Some traditional media platforms will also see increased spending next year, including direct mail (36.9%), events (31.0%), telemarketing (21.8%) and print (20.6%).

Highlights of the survey include:

1. Customer acquisition top priority for B2B marketers in 2009.

BtoB’s survey found that customer acquisition is the top marketing goal in 2009, cited by 62.2% of respondents. Customer retention was cited as the top marketing goal by 20.6% of marketers, brand awareness by 12.4% and other marketing goals by 4.8%.

2. Two-thirds of B2B marketers will increase online spending in 2009.

Of the various media platforms b-to-b marketers will use next year, online is a clear winner, with 66.5% of marketers planning to increase their online spending.

3. B2B Marketers are moving traditional media into online.

Many traditional b-to-b marketers are shifting more of their marketing dollars online, which costs less than traditional media and delivers trackable results.

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/66-5-of-marketers-will-increase-online-spending-in-2009/feed 2
Proactive Live Chat: The Ultimate “Below The Line” Marketing Tool http://www.begreeted.com/blog/proactive-live-chat-the-ultimate-below-the-line-marketing-tool http://www.begreeted.com/blog/proactive-live-chat-the-ultimate-below-the-line-marketing-tool#comments Fri, 28 Nov 2008 17:54:23 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=269

Randall Rothenberg, made a simple yet powerful observation. He is President & CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and recently wrote in their blog a post titled The “Line” on Internet Display Advertising. He began,

When the Interactive Advertising Bureau Internet Advertising Revenue Report came in for the second quarter of 2008, I took one quick look at the figures compiled by the PriceWaterhouseCoopers accounting firm and immediately said (first to myself, and then to anyone who cared to listen), “It’s a normal recession trend: Above-the-line dollars are moving below-the-line.”

Let me repeat the punch line to emphasize his point:

“It’s a normal recession trend: Above-the-line dollars are moving below-the-line.”

I was compelled to comment. Below is my post on the IAB web site in entirety.

There’s below the line and there’s BELOW the line.

My marketing career began in an era when “the line” also served as a demarcation of class; the glamour of Madison avenue advertising agencies often stood in stark contrast to their less sophisticated counterparts providing in-store merchandising and promotional support for the trade.

For over a decade, we’ve witnessed internet advertising and other forms of online marketing (newsletters, you tube videos, e-books) blur “the line” and today it is imperative that a below the line ethos permeate boardrooms, media plans and creative brainstorming sessions. That is not to say sacrifice the brand for ill conceived campaigns.

Rather, as you so aptly point out, internet advertising is “a medium that does more” than any other. Think of a retail store with all its displays, shelf talkers and on-pack offers. Publishers must help brand marketers and their agencies by offering the online equivalent of visual merchandising and sales promotions techniques that are designed to reinforce brand while contributing to pulling the product through the channel. Said another way, eyeballs and clicks just don’t cut it any longer.

It should come as no surprise that the survivors of The Great Recession of 2008/09 will be businesses who hold their marketing executives, agencies and publishers accountable for delivering results. Call me old fashion, but in my book, that’s called sales promotion and revenue generation.

Joel Granoff, Be Greeted

Of course, IAB is primarily concerned with large brands advertising on major publisher websites. My call to action for publishers to offer “visual merchandising and sales promotions techniques that are designed to reinforce brand while contributing to pulling the product through the channel.” will likely fall on deaf ears on their website.

However, for B2B marketers looking to improve marketing ROI and convert passive web visitors into engaged prospects take note! Your website is a storefront and visual merchandising IS critical to transforming your business website into a dynamic selling environment whether you are capturing leads or selling directly on the site. For that reason alone, I implore you to take a close look at how your below the line dollars are spent and results measured. While you’re at it, give a close look at proactive live chat as a below the line tool to merchandise your brand, engage in real time with your website visitors and capture leads for immediate follow up. ]]> http://www.begreeted.com/blog/proactive-live-chat-the-ultimate-below-the-line-marketing-tool/feed 16 Lead Generation Key To Success During Recession http://www.begreeted.com/blog/lead-generation-key-to-success-during-recession http://www.begreeted.com/blog/lead-generation-key-to-success-during-recession#comments Thu, 27 Nov 2008 17:25:16 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=263 Digital Response Media a UK-based agency, posted recent data on the importance of online lead generation. Here are couple of quick excerpts from their website.

Online lead generation ‘to see above-average growth’

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Online lead generation will be one of the areas of advertising that will see above-average growth over the next two years, a new report has predicted.

According to Collins Stewart’s latest Global Internet report, lead generation, search, email and online video will all surpass average industry growth rates in the next two years.

Lead generation in particular will see worldwide revenue growth of 20 per cent to almost $2.5 billion (£1.7 billion) this year, 15 per cent in 2009 and 23 per cent in 2010, Collins Stewart said.

It also stated that it is cutting its forecast for the overall global advertising sector, which will expand by 10.9 per cent in 2009 instead of the 19.7 per cent previously predicted by the company.

An E-consultancy study published earlier this year showed that two-thirds of UK marketers believed search was the most cost-effective form of online lead generation for their organisations.

Lead generation ‘key in recession’

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Internet marketers will need to focus on online lead generation and search marketing during the downturn, (outgoing) Yahoo! chief executive Jerry Yang has said.

He told the Internet Advertising Bureau’s 2008 Engage conference earlier this week that the online marketing industry is likely to see out the credit crunch and come out of it in stronger shape than before.

Mr Yang noted that lead generation and search will be particularly important during the recession as performance-based advertising is vital to driving direct response.

“People are still searching – the question is are they searching for commercial or non-commercial things?” he asked.

Mr Yang also urged brand marketers to continue investing in advertising as consumers are still buying goods and engaging with brands in spite of the credit crunch.

Marketers must also offer relevant, innovative and engaging content in order to pull in these consumers, he noted.

This follows a recent Yahoo! study indicating that four-fifths of web users feel overloaded by online information and would be willing to pay attention to advertising if they felt they were getting something worthwhile in return.

Digital campaigns ‘to become more focused on lead generation’

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Companies’ digital marketing campaigns are set to become more focused on online lead generation in the coming months, according to one expert.

Writing in an article for Online Video Insider, Alan Schulman of the Digital Innovations Group noted that elements such as video ads will play a bigger role in lead generation, incentive and trial activation, and loyalty programs in the next year.

To this end, online video advertising should not be viewed as a standalone campaign; rather, they should be integrated into wider online lead generation and other strategies, Mr Schulman said.

“We’ve got to get busy enhancing the opportunity for online video ad units to function as an exclusive and more compelling opportunity for advertisers to reach a quality prospect with a more engaging message,” he remarked.

A recent study by Gartner predicted that the market for protail video ads – clips that fall between the categories of professional content and user-generated videos – will grow to be worth more than $1.2 billion (£781 million) worldwide by 2012.

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/lead-generation-key-to-success-during-recession/feed 1
Five Considerations for Media-Driven Lead Generation Programs http://www.begreeted.com/blog/five-considerations-for-media-driven-lead-generation-programs http://www.begreeted.com/blog/five-considerations-for-media-driven-lead-generation-programs#comments Thu, 13 Nov 2008 19:24:18 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=260

Below are five brief considerations, all essential, for B2B marketers planning a media-driven lead generation promotion with social media and Web 2.0 in mind.

1. Market planning – develop strategies that leverage existing marketing assets. Identify, at the onset of the planning process corporate and channel assets to deliver your message.

2. Sales personalization – Personalizing messages when possible will drive performance. Make sure that critical content is being delivered by subject matter experts, whether they are in-house or credible third parties. Always follow up with any communication and support your efforts with strong 360 customer contact.

3. Branded media – Branded media is the anchor for any media-driven lead-generation campaign. Branded media should be considered the primary audience acquisition strategy to cast a wide net around prospects. Large media companies offer extensive reach through a range of publications with databases of subscribers of magazines and online newsletters across specific niches. Even relatively small marketers can improve their audience acquisition efforts in a big way by partnering with publishers in a more strategic manner.

4. Supplemental lists and opportunistic buys – make sure to tap into buying networks and partners to get the word out. This is where ad word purchases, banner placements and other non-branded sponsorships fits to drive an audience. Here, too, make sure to link to any social media programs that are in place.

5. Database development and analysis – make sure to catalog as much data as it is possible to collect. Associate the data with the individual prospect, keeping in mind prevailing privacy best practices. This data helps create smarter campaigns by tracking how well the elements work and those elements include media placement.

Marketers who develop programs that engage the customer will find themselves best able to take advantage of these opportunities.

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/five-considerations-for-media-driven-lead-generation-programs/feed 0
The Art of the Sale http://www.begreeted.com/blog/the-art-of-the-sale http://www.begreeted.com/blog/the-art-of-the-sale#comments Fri, 03 Oct 2008 08:05:23 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=247 We love this video! We came across it at the MarketingProfs B2B Conference when David Meerman Scott presented it in his keynote. It is everything a high performance Sales & Marketing organzation should NOT be.

We hope you get a kick out of it because you understand something the folks in the video don’t get: The power of effective website conversion.

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/the-art-of-the-sale/feed 0
Live Chat Improves Website Performance http://www.begreeted.com/blog/chat-improves-website-performance http://www.begreeted.com/blog/chat-improves-website-performance#comments Thu, 25 Sep 2008 17:15:41 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=240
Increase web site performance with chat

Increase web site performance with chat

In a world where 98% of website visitors leave without taking action (making a purchase or completing a request form) INC Magazine writes about the impact of chat on improving website performance.

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/chat-improves-website-performance/feed 5
Webinars: The Meat and Potatoes of Lead Generation http://www.begreeted.com/blog/webinars-the-meat-and-potatoes-of-lead-generation http://www.begreeted.com/blog/webinars-the-meat-and-potatoes-of-lead-generation#comments Tue, 09 Sep 2008 18:30:53 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=235 Be Greeted likes “meat and potatoes” marketing. These are tools and techniques that drive effective B2B lead generation.

How to do Web Seminars

How to do Web Seminars

Webinars, White Papers, E-Mail Marketing and Search are at the top of the food chain when it comes to meat and potatoes lead generation tactics.

Joel Granoff, Be Greeted’s President and CEO recently wrote a Marketing How-To Guide for MarketingProfs.

You may request a copy by leaving a comment to this post.

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/webinars-the-meat-and-potatoes-of-lead-generation/feed 0
Right Content. Right Response. http://www.begreeted.com/blog/right-content-right-response http://www.begreeted.com/blog/right-content-right-response#comments Sun, 24 Aug 2008 18:23:45 +0000 admin http://www.begreeted.com/?p=257

Be Greeted is thrilled to be able to tap into the insights of industry leaders Joe Pulizzi and Brian Massey for our upcoming Webinar, “Right Content. Right Response”, we’ll hope you’ll tune in too!

As Brian wrote in his blog, “We’re unscripted and we’re going to dig into the nitty-gritty with examples and case studies; you know, stuff you can use. Get out your hard questions and join the conversation.”

http://www.begreeted.com/blog/right-content-right-response/feed 5

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